Herje Mine

Herje Mine is a band that feels, lives and plays the balkan music with all of its depth and passion. The five musician's hearts seem to be powerfully rooted with this wonderful kind of music.ou can't escape from their sound and emotions!ogether they create a world of sound made of tempo, dynamic, diversity, rhythm, improvisation and virtuosity. With their skills they take everybody into a world of sensuality and fire! 

Klänge der Hoffnung

Ensemble “Klänge der Hoffnung – Musik verbindet” originated from project Klänge der Hoffnung of Stiftung Friedliche Revolution: all musicians of the ensemble are envolved in the project. They come from Syria, Iran, Italy, Poland and Germany. Their common repertoire brings together eurpoean, araboc and persian music as well as influences of klezmer music. 


Lively and authentic Klezmer and yiddish songs perfomed by classical musicians at concerts, dance balls and weddings. 


 The 5 musicians have been an important part of Leipzig's transcultural music scene for years and have come together to form a new band project: RISHA.
The band's musical influences are: classical and popular works from the countries of the Levant (Syria, Lebanon, Jordan etc.), Egypt as well as European classical as well as German-language pop music. Own works are in the making. 

Orchestra "Klänge der Hoffnung"


Since 2021 I have been working as a lecturer for wind instruments, section leader and as a composer and conductor for the orchestra "Klänge der Hoffnung". The "Sounds of Hope" orchestra brings together around 40 musicians from the Leipzig area who grew up in a wide variety of places: including Syria, Mexico, Colombia, Germany, Armenia, Venezuela, Argentina, Italy, Guinea, Turkey and in Iran. Accordingly, non-European and European instruments work together harmoniously and on an equal footing in our music: oud, baglama, santur, ukulele and West African percussion instruments alongside violin, clarinet and piano. The musical director is Ali Pirabi.